RogueBoy is a Game Boy inspired stylized roguelike created for the #gbjam on GameJolt.

RogueBoy is alone. He is prisoner. In order to escape, he needs to find the Gem. Help him do so.

Press Z to start and go through the intro screens.

The game controls are simple:


Press Z: guard

Release Z: attack

Attacks fire bullets in four directions. The enemies will attack you similarly. Each enemy has a resistance and needs a certain number of hits to be killed, ranging from 1 (Slime) to 5 (Lich).

Getting hit while guarded makes you lose one heart. Getting hit while unguarded is GAME OVER (losing all hearts is also game over, of course).

There are powerups to heal you, and swords that will raise your level. Killing enemies can raise your level too - with a probability depending on the enemy's strength. Leveling up will make you faster and will make your attacks reach longer. Trust me, you'll need it.

The Gem is in a room at random. The World is 10x10 rooms big. You might luck out and find it immediately. But don't count on it.

Useless to say, death is permanent and irreversible.

Prepare... to die.

A lot.

Good luck and enjoy!